Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an icon important? Do I need one?

A secondary icon can extend brand visibility. Elaborate logos with wide or tall visual extensions are at a disadvantage in a world of social media, mobile apps, and blogging.

For example: McDonald’s Famous Burgers with the “Golden Arches” and the name in a white bold font will fit on road signs and windows. Today “McD’s” with brand recognition can use the same golden arches with red background to be seen on your smartphone on various outlets to promote new products, coupons and locations. The wrong icon could send your customers to “Old McDonald’s Farm”.

How much does a Website cost?

Platform web hosting varies depending on company needs. Certain cost not related to design should be discussed into budget.

  • Monthly Web Hosting/WordPress
  • DIY platforms – optional
  • E-Commerce Enhancements
  • Software Add-Ons

4 Week notice is ideal for complete planning, developing, and launch. Support fees $40 and up.

How much does a Logo cost?

Brainstorming and concept building are only half the project. Learning how to use completed PNG and PDF vector files as a business is a responsibility for everyone. The average cost of logos is $75 and up.     

What can I do to make a project go faster?

Communication is everything. Sharing content with cloud sharing on Google Drive and/or using wetransfer.com is a proven way to send and update material needed to complete the task at hand.

Shopify or WooCommerce ??

Shopify – period.  Their superior customer service separates them from the competition. Customization is no longer an issue with third-party themes that best suits your business needs.

Are motion graphic introductions included with logo order?

It is not a part of the logo package. Discounts will be offered after the completion and approval of the logo.

What makes Luxury Biz Cards special?

Instant impact. These are made with scratch and water-resistant materials to properly accent the design of your business card. If you are in the New York, an appointment can be made to view pre-made cards in every fashion. Videos are available on this site help to support this claim.

What forms of payment is accepted?

Paypal and Cash.app. This information will be enclosed with invoice….Guest payment option is available with debit/credit cards.