Nvitestyle | Designer Business Services is infusing technology and talent to surpass the imagination with works of art that meets your business needs. It is our never-ending goal to render visual effects synonymous with style, uniqueness and sophistication. As UX design is a growing, the need to deliver a cool logo is not enough. It is our goal to show you the way.



" Art, Web, and PRINT" is our process of shifting your Logo into different platforms as a vector image file. These files are HD quality computer graphics that are engineered to be scaled to fit anything from billboards to business cards professionally. In short, we make it pop everywhere- UX-Design.



" Starting September 30th 2018, a 50% deposit required upfront.

Applying color options, layouts and styles to an idea does not have be a frustrating process. Quotes are tailored to each customer's need(s). Bundling- purchasing more that item will result a considerable amount of money saved.


" How long does a website take? "

2-3 Business Day Activation

With a projected launch date determined, activating a paid hosting package with a third-party company  or domain provider your site will officially be published when the theme, content, photos, hyperlinks,  line codes are verified and approved.


" Can you help me with other projects when my logo is completed? "


We offer branding solutions for merchandising, social media promotions, LUXURY Business Cards, Retractable Banners and so much more.